Welcome to the L.A. Sinners website. We are a chapter of the Sinland Bikers MC. The motorcycle club was created to provide all the essence that makes a club fun and enjoyable: riding, broth​​erhood, and family. 




We unite for a common passion for motorcycles and become fraternal brothers based on a common passion for the club. The dedication and loyalty to the club and each other creates a strong bond among the club members. That bond is a true brotherhood. 


From our sunny beaches to the canyons up in the mountains and all the freeways in between, Sinland loves to ride the streets of L.A. We love to have a variety of rides from long ones to short ones, fund raisers and bikenights. 
Sinland is a family oriented motorcycle club. This is a club rooted in family values and no one is frowned upon for attending to family before bike events. We understand that work and family is just as important as the club. We always welcome family members to attend our events.